Life is a game. Fact!

I’ve come to realise that life is a game, a game to see if I can do it.

If you don’t roll the dice and play, you stay in the one spot while the rest of the players pass you by.

The really important thing about any game is that they are enjoyable throughout. Win or lose you have had a whopper time.

I’ve come to realise that while playing life you’re supposed to have fun. Not waiting until you win or lose, but now. So it is every minute of every day that we have to play the game. Why am I doing this? Is it to improve myself or the world around me? Is it to see if I can just for the fun of it. Or are you doing it just to exist until your next pay check?

We can look at anything and say that’s too hard, I won’t bother trying. Or we can say I’ll give it a go. That is your choice to make. But one thing is for certain, weather it is too hard or not, I am choosing to enjoy the process, I’m going to have fun trying.

My first challenge is that I have been very much a thinker not a doer, because I never enjoyed the process. Be that because of bad experiences in school or whatever.

Now I am going to have fun doing. I am choosing to enjoy everything that comes my way because that is how you win the game.

3 Replies to “Life is a game. Fact!”

  1. Quite cool. Have fun now, live now. ‘See if I can do it’ is one of the best goals’ definitions that bring fun as a way of constant self-improvement (can I do it?)
    Does it bring awareness and sensitivity?
    Improve world? – another mantra making one a well focused achiever.
    Can’t one have fun the silly way without assessing the goals or without goals? Just to try to be open to everything … I do not know…
    Well I am just reading this:

    1. Really interesting comments Libor and interesting book your reading. I’ll check it out.

      I’m not sure if achieving or going for your goals brings awareness directly. But it definitely will build experience which leads to awareness.
      I’m not sure how sensitivity comes into it. Maybe it comes after awareness? It did for me.

      Why would you not have fun the silly way too. If your happy I believe you will be in the moment and spontaneity will automatically come about. I’d hope so any way. I like a bit of madness.

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