3 Keys to success

The 3 keys to success are all intertwined. To succeed you need to possess all three, albeit in varying degrees. However the greatest thing about the three keys is that you can develop them all.

The formula is simple but the application takes time / practice. But that is all it takes. Each aspect of this formula is “develop-mental”

1. Self praise or no praise!

Self belief is the key to a happy life. If you believe in yourself you can be, do or have any thing in the world.

If you rely on other people to give you compliments or make you feel good, you will never feel good about yourself. Because it is contingent on how the other person feels at that particular time. You could present a project at work expecting rave reviews and relying on praise for your effort, but your boss grumpy and under pressure rains on your parade. You’re devastated, dispirited and de-motivated. But all this negative emotion stems from his bad mood, which could have resulted from an inconsequential spat with his partner on the phone. You have been crushed because of a fleeting mood swing and don’t ever want to put as much effort in again.

What if you didn’t rely on other people to make you feel good about yourself? What if you evaluated your performance by comparison with previous efforts, then you would know you have improved and done a good job? What if you realised that maybe tomorrow would be better time to approach him? This is self belief at work. You know it’s good and that he is just in a bad mood. This, to me, is one of the most important sayings there is. “Self praise or no praise” if you say to your self every time you do some thing well, I’m proud of my self, I did a good job. How much better will you feel? You will not rely on others for your well being ever again. Try it for a day!

2. If you don’t know where your going you won’t know when you get there.

Goals are fundamental to achievement and happiness. So many people are working hard and not feeling like anything good is happening in their lives. What has happened is they have stopped setting goals; they are caught in a rut. Goals are often simple things like getting to work on time and also big things like buying a house. There are two main types of goals ones that are pleasurable and one’s that are painful. This is called the pleasure pain principal. The ones that are painful happen to us whether we like it or not and we want to move away from them, such as paying bills, we just want to pay them and get rid of them. The goals that are pleasurable don’t just happen to us, we have to make them happen! With pleasurable goals we want to move towards them, such as a holiday. We want to think about them all the time. We want to tell our friends about them and they brighten up our lives. Either we are moving away from pain or towards pleasure. So this is why setting goals is so important, we have to set them to be happy and get what we want.

So how do you find out what you want? First of all you have to allow yourself to want. Think about everything you could possibly want without limits. Fantasise! Just get your creative juices flowing, have fun. All the negative stuff will happen automatically. Natural limits such as finance, talent and education, will always be there but they don’t have to limit the dream. Your job is to not to limit your thinking and focus on the good stuff.

I find that first thing in the morning, when I wake up, I dream about my business. What will it be like to be successful in my field? How will I grow as a person? What will I have to do to succeed and also I think about how I will feel at the end. Sometimes I go wild with my fantasies and dream about having parties on lovely white yachts in the Mediterranean. Then I think how I might achieve that. How would I have to grow to have that sort of lifestyle? Who would I have to speak to and what would I have to do? Have fun.

All our goals are different. Going to college, having more fun, going on adventures, playing sports, meeting more people, growing a business, getting a promotion. The important thing is not to limit yourself and have lots of fun.

Sometimes people have goals that are painful for a positive reason, such as losing weight. You have to go through pain to get to the good feeling. The best way to achieve these goals is to focus on the good feeling at the end, not the work you have to do to achieve it. Think about how you will feel, how proud you will be for losing that weight, and how energetic you will be.

In setting a goal you automatically think: how can I make this happen? Why I can and why I can’t achieve or have this. If you are running up against “I can’t” a lot, ask what if I had what it took to get this and start the fantasy all over again. This is a really important question to ask yourself. “What if” I did, “what if” I had or “what if” I could. This will turn your I can’t into I can.

“If you don’t know where you’re going you won’t know when you get there” basically means set your goals, work towards achieving them and be in control of your life and happiness.

3. The harder I worked the luckier I got.
Personally I believe there is no such thing as luck, only chance. Luck implies that something magical is going on, some people are destined and some people are not. Luck can be defined as the collision between preparation and opportunity/chance. The more prepared you are for your exam (study) the higher the chance (luck) you will succeed in getting a good result. The more prepared you are to succeed the more chances you will get / the luckier you will be. If you look at all the successful people in the world they will all say something like this, it took me years of practice to have this overnight success. So what does that mean to you? Well what do you want to be lucky in, work, money, love? Ask yourself how can I prepare more, what can I do to make myself more lucky and how can I increase my chances of succeeding.

These keys to success are tools for life. We can be the people we want to be (self belief). We can do the things we want to do and achieve our goals. All it takes is preparation, so start now and increase your chances of being “lucky”. Ask yourself what do I want, how do I have to grow to get the things I want and what do I have to do to get them? If you can answer these questions you are already on your way to being a success.

2 Replies to “3 Keys to success”

    1. I’m not fully sure what your question is Libor?

      Its a very interesting TedX. I feel the talk is very prophetic for me. I have been asking my self similar questions to the talker of my self.

      What I have read and what I feel is that our greatest success is our positive impact on the world. how we make the world a better place. be that by helping people, or the environment, or just being happy.

      Each challenge I’ve overcome has empowered me to help others to overcome their’s, so just by being me and going through my stuff and growing as a person, I’ve become a more positive impact on the world, with out making lots of money.
      But I still have goals of making a lot more money because that will allow me to have a greater positive impact on the world.

      Hope that helps in some way?
      Thanks for the reply.

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