How to write the story of your life.

Everything is a story without that story life and things have no meaning.

A table is just a piece of wood until someone puts a cup on it. Then the piece of wood becomes something to put stuff on. Then someone tells you it’s name (table) and you update the understanding in your mind and it makes sense.

You have the story in your head now and you can tell that story now to someone else. But what if you felt like being naughty and told someone that the table was a bed, what would they believe? They would not know the difference until their story was updated. What would happen if they never found out it was a table? they would live their life none the wiser and have horrible nights sleeps.

So the meaning of things depends on our story, but that story is only in our mind. Really that table is a piece of wood that we gave meaning to. But that piece of wood is actually a collection of atoms that we gave meaning to. So what is it really? It is what we decide it to be.

What if we decided to write our own meaning for things? What if you had the power to manipulate the world around you to whatever you want? What could you turn that piece of wood into? What would you create? Does a carpenter see that piece of wood differently to you?

Everything is subject to what meaning we give it. Everything! We can choose to see feel or hear whatever we want.

How you see things is actually just an interpretation in your mind of the light particles bouncing off the surface off the table. Just like a photograph.

Have a listen to what is going on in your room. Listen to different sounds. Can you pick out different noises? What is the voice in your head saying? By listening to the different sounds we are actually choosing how we perceive reality. We are choosing what we want to focus on.

We build up a picture of the world around us in our mind. If you close your eyes and picture the front door of your house, what does it look like? My guess is that it looks exactly like the real thing. So which one is real? As far as your mind is concerned both are. Your mind can not tell the difference and we know this is true because we have all had dreams that have been so real, that we only realised that they where dreams when we woke up.

So reality is actually in our mind and we use our bodies to interpret the world around us. The world is there, but the meaning, colour, feel, weight and smell are all in our mind and that is how we make up the story.

It has been proven that colour is subjective depending on our mood. When tested, people in different moods see colours differently. When someone is angry and looking at red the colour is a darker red and if they are calm they see it more pinkish.

Depending on our mood, the world around us changes, if we are in a good mood we see the world completely different to when we are in a bad mood. I’m sure you have experienced that before.

What we focus on controls our emotions. As you look down your FaceBook time line we go through a range of emotions, one friend posts a video of something hilarious and you laugh, then another posts about something horrific and you feel bad. All this happens within seconds of each other. But and this is a big but, you choose what you look at, so you choose to feel good or bad by what you look at. What if you decided to not look at your friend’s miserable post? would you feel better for longer. I’m sure you would. What if you decided to delete that friend? would you feel better more often? I’m sure you know that answer.

What does that mean for your whole life? By controlling our focus we control our emotions, so we choose to feel bad or good.

I hear you asking how do we control our focus? Questions and decisions control your thoughts / focus. Ask yourself a question? What is your name? As you can see you get an answer every time you ask yourself a question.

Let’s make a decision. What do you want to eat? I want toast! How am I going to get toast? I need a toaster and some bread. As you can see and hopefully feel that once you decide on something (the toast) you start asking yourself questions until you get the answer you want, or the result you want. So what results do you want? Can you ask yourself questions to make your life better? How does moaning make you feel? How does talking about happy things make you feel?

This is just the full mechanism of how we work “Questions and decisions control your thoughts control your emotions, your emotions control your words, your words control your actions, your actions control your character and your character controls your destiny.”

Essentially what I’m saying is, everything is subjective and we choose what way to view it, or to feel about it. Everything is a story and that story is written by us. By the questions we ask and the thoughts we have.

What does that mean for you now and your future? Well now you know you are in charge of your thoughts and how you see or feel about the world around you. You are responsible for where you are and where you are going. So what story are you going to write for your future? Is it going to be a happier one? What questions are you going to ask yourself to make decisions to make the world around you a better one? What story are you going to write for yourself?

I would love to find out.

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