Chronic fatigue and the battle of mind over matter part 2

I’m on day 7 of my hunger strike. Ha ha only joking.

I’ve actually just started day seven of my 14 day fast. I’ve just been drinking lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper, oh and heaps of water and some salt cleanses too, not nice but necessary, the lemon juice is nice even after 21 or so litres of it.

The first two days where tough but gradually it’s been getting easier and easier. Some times and i mean only sometimes, i get a real craving for something but then i just drink more juice and i get back on track its nuts. I guess it’s just practice, I’m getting used to it now.

To be completely honest thought, I feel better than I have for months and on a whole, if you add all the days together, I feel better than i have for years.

I have come to realise that there are two main aspects to my chronic fatigue. One is mental and the other is physical.  The mental is affecting the physical and in return the physical is affecting the mental. It is a vicious cycle.

I’ve tried blood tests; I’m all clear and normal.

I’ve tried food allergy tests, I have lots of intolerances, eliminated most of them for a year, but this only stressed me out, as I was constantly worrying about what i had eaten wrong when I was tired. This in hindsight was really the worst thing to do and a waste of a year. Our intolerances go the less stressed we are. (Certain situations are different but generally)

I’ve tried nutrition / vitamins that had worked a bit, but it’s not done much.

I’ve tried a Candida diet where I ate no sugar or carbs for a month. That was a waste of time also. But this can work for some worth a check out.

I’ve been to doctors, nutritionists, dieticians, naturopaths and every other health care person I could think of. Doctors, nutritionist’s, dieticians, haven’t a clue about how to be healthy.  Naturopaths are the way to go if you’re looking to get healthy. The other people recommend bull that has been recommended by pharmaceutical companies and the meat industry.

Through all that, I’ve tried different alternative healing modalities like, bio energy healing this was the most effective thing I’ve done, but it didn’t last for me. I got a fantastic month where I felt on top of the world but gradually the fatigue crept in. I still had the bad habits that got me into the mess in the first place.

Through all my tests, trials and tribulations, what I have found is that I’ve been stressed. I have a very active brain, a lot of ambition and an even greater impatience. That has been pushing me forward at a great pace, but ambition coupled with negative beliefs and a lot of impatience, with myself, has caused a lot of frustration, which is ultimately stress. Imagine on top of that being tired all the time, it is a disaster waiting to happen.

Our bodies are not designed to be hyped up the time, we are supposed to get stressed, then relax and rejuvenate. Because we over work or bodies and we deplete our stores, effectively we start to run on empty. This is where we start to lose the battle it is a downhill struggle from here.

The mechanism I’m explaining is our animal instincts, running over drive. Our flight or fight mechanism, our survival instinct. Imagine 100,000 years ago in the jungle a lion jumps out and we run and hide. The lion triggered our stress response, which shuts down non essential parts of our bodies and hypes up the essential ones to get away, like your heart and muscles, Makes sense, but then we hide and relax, then carry on with our low stress lives, we rest and recover from the attack.

In this modern age we have lots of low level startles every day. We have to pay our bills, we are stressed in our jobs, we have to remember so much stuff, we have to play it over and over in our heads, so we don’t forget to do it.

Imagine this the biggest electrical or phone bill comes in your front door and you do not have the money for it until pay day, but it is overdue. You get a big dose of stress. That is just a one time thing but if you remember it later in the day, that bill stresses you out again and again and again. This one bill torments us, building our stress, shutting down parts of our bodies, and hyping up other parts. Our stores of energy get depleted, and limiting our recovery time. We need a break, but it’s time to get back to work, and so the cycle continues all day. Even when you get home, that one bill is still tormenting you even in your dreams. DEN DEN DENNNnnnn.

We have all experienced that before, it may have not been bills, but some other thing. Maybe it’s just the fact you’re tired and it pisses you off a thousand times a day.

Our brains get hyped up and caught in a loop, its constant stress and worry.

Now for the real lesson: How does our brain being active, affect our bodies? We have all heard of someone or experienced this ourselves, I call it the butterfly effect. Imagine being nervous before an interview or to do a performance, we get butterflies in our stomach, some people even vomit. That is a direct stress response on the digestive system.

I’m sure you remember earlier in the jungle, I said that when the lion attacked, that we shut down non essential parts of our bodies when stressed, well that part is your digestive system. Who needs to digest when your life is threatened? Not me for sure.

For the past two years I’ve had a mild pain in my stomach or let’s say mild discomfort. I’ve had a foggy feeling in my brain for years and real fatigue for much longer.

I have really high standards for myself. I have found most chronic fatigue sufferers are the same.

What I have done wrong is, I have let my thoughts run away with themselves. Churning over and over worrying and stressing over things, that now in hind sight I should have let go.

All these problems have been tough and frustrating, however I am actually grateful for them, would you believe.

I have learned so much about health, nutrition, psychology, fitness and what I am capable of, over the past few years, that i am sure, i would not have learned otherwise.

It is true all the tough times teach you the best things. However you do not have to go through them you can learn from mine. 🙂

I know i would not be here writing this blog if it wasn’t for all the lessons i have learned over the years through not being at my best. For all this i am immensely grateful.

Through all my study and personal development I’ve learned, what I feel is the solution to chronic fatigue.

We have to look at our lives not our problems. We have to look at our body as a whole. If you go to a doctor he does not know about psychology, if you go to a nutritionist they do not know about pathogens, if you got to a psychologist they do not know anything. Ha ha…. It’s funny cos it’s true. I would not recommend going to any of the above 3. They are only focused on problems not solutions and that is not what you want. such as naturopaths, life coaches, NLP practioners, Hypnosis, ayurveda, all these people will give you the direction to get healthy. check out SCIO for a diagnosis and a starting point.

Any way we have to look at our bodies in a whole-istic way.

We have three main aspects to us as human beings; we are mind, body and energy. We have to get all three in balance to feel spectacular or just even good.

I did the bio energy that worked but wasn’t permanent.

I did nutrition, but that didn’t work all the way.

I did psychology which made me think better, but other things kept pulling me back.

The problem was I did not do all three at once. We need good nutrition to have a good energy field. We need good psychology (not stressed) to have good nutrition. The power cable was broken in many places and that stopped the energy flowing.

This is how I’m putting all this together now.

1st. I’m sorting my head out. I’m getting rid of all those negative beliefs that are polluting my brain and my body. This is all to make my thinking easier and there for less stressed, but on top of that I’m starting to meditate, to actually actively calm my brain before i go to bed and in the morning.

If you meditate for half an hour before bed, i find I have an amazing night’s sleep, which as you know is good regeneration time.

When I meditate in the morning, it makes my whole day easier, which is less stressed and there for more recovery time, which makes you way more capable during the stressed times.

2nd. Sorting my nutrition and health out: I’m currently on this 14 day fast which is to give my overworked digestion a break, and letting it re-set its self. When we do a fast it clears all the toxins out, on top of that it clears out all the old fat, muscle and any other shit that is in your system. Basically it kills off all the bad stuff and only leaves a healthy body behind.

I get to start with a clean slate. (Remember what i said at the start. I’m on day seven and I’m feeling the best I have in years and feeling better by the day.)

3rd. I’m going to sort out my energy field. I may not have to do this, as your body and mind generates the actual field, like a magnet. But if I feel it’s necessary, I’ll go do the bio energy healing again at the end of the 14days. But as it is I’m half way and well on my way to feeling the best i have in years.

I hope this is of use to you and you have a fantastic life. I’m certainly feeling more optimistic about mine.

Best of luck.

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