What to do with my life? blog challenge day 2

The question to today’s blog challenge is simple, but also one of the hardest things to answer for everyone. If I woke up tomorrow and could do anything I wanted what would I do and who would I be.

This is a bit of a top tip, for you, to join in as well. Pick someone you admire and ask yourself the question what would I do if I was them.

This is the quickest way to get around your own limitations and fantasise without any restrictions.

The people I most admire are Richard Branson and Rob Drydek. I admire both of them for pretty much the same reasons, but each of them execute their values in different ways.AUSTRALIA-MALAYSIA-BRITAIN-AIRASIA-AUTO-PRIX-BRANSON

Both of them live with enthusiasm, one is quiet and one is out spoken. You can figure out who’s who easily enough.123-1024x550

So back to my fantasy, if I was Richard Branson, I would be investing in people, I’d be educating them to feel powerful and to live without limitations. All our limitations are self inflicted and by being Richard Branson I’d be able to communicate that to a broad audience, hopefully making as many people in the world feel as powerful as possible.

I’d start developing schools that empowered children and adults to think effectively and become responsible for their own lives. Current schooling tells kids to sit down and we will tell you what you have to learn. Where as effective learning and life teach you to learn what you have to learn as you go along, on your way to your goals, all other information is irrelevant for now.

Imagine if you where taught all your life how to go for your own happiness, not told a bunch of English poems that you will never ever use.

Also I’d like to invest in environmentally beneficial companies to start cleaning up the environment.

I’d really like to live the most epic adventure ever. Buy a bus and go travel the world and do all the craziest stuff possible. I feel by doing this and sharing it, people will be attracted to it and by proxy learn some cool stuff.

Actually now that I’m saying this stuff out loud, so to speak, I’m kind of starting the empowerment thing already. Maybe I just need to start making this pay hmmmmmm?one_billion_dollars1

Anyway I’ve come to realise that a lot of what is stopping me is purely self doubt, so bit by bit I’m learning and bit by bit I’m growing, eventually I’ll be an unstoppable force on this planet and sharing some epic adventures of my own.

Essentially I want to be a person without limits who can be a positive impact on this planet.

As to what I’m going to do to bridge the gap between me and my billions, I have no idea. But I’ll figure that out and it will be fun.

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