My definition of freedom day 3.

My definition of freedom starts in the mind. We have to free the mind before anything else can be free.

We have all heard the stories about rich people being unhappy, that is because they are trapped by fears and limitations. Maybe they are living the life their parents set out for them and not their own, For fear of upsetting them.

First of all we have to see ourselves as capable of achieving anything. We make a decision that we are going to change or do something different. We don’t have to believe it but we do have to want a change or something better. Maybe we see someone who is similar to us leading a happier life. This is developing our awareness around what we want. Then we start to get rid of any limiting beliefs or fears that are holding us back and then we can start putting in place steps towards what we really want.Freedom

I’m not saying spend years in therapy to analyze all your fears. I’m saying keep pushing forward and face your fears, bit by bit the most important fears come up that are in your way and bit by bit you get rid of the exact things in your way. Only by moving forward you get rid of what’s holding you back.

Both these things happen at the same time. The more you move forward, with awareness, towards what you think makes you happy now the more you get rid of your fears and limitations. Your self reliance grows and so does yourself belief you start to make bigger decisions and become happier and happier

Then we start with the materialistic stuff like a fun job, time freedom and location independence.

What may actually be most freeing for me is actually making a difference to people’s lives. I would definitely feel that I’d be emotionally trapped in a job, just for the sake of money if I wasn’t helping people.

The things that will free me up emotionally the most will be seeing my efforts having a positive effect on the world. I can only do that by living my life to the fullest

So in a way this post has helped me to gain a bit more clarity on what I want and what is possible.

And that is helping people is a must and that anything is possible with a bit of awareness and persistence

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