How to maintain a effective mindset. Day 7

What tools do I use to maintain my mindset?

I also I feel it’s important to develop your mind set also.

What are your biggest challenges on a day to day basis? I bet the number one thing is stress. We all get stressed about mad stuff. I had a friend who was stressed because her job was too easy, she felt she wasn’t doing enough. I’ve other friends with the exact opposite issue.

Here is the thing though. Stress is all in our mind. It doesn’t exist it’s actually just our interpretation of a situation. What is stressful for one person, is a doddle for another, just like the above example. I’ve known this for years, but applying this knowledge is a different story.mind_control

I’m a fairly relaxed and confidant person, but I have a really strong drive to push me forward, which makes me really impatient with myself. My brain will churn and churn looking for quicker faster ways of doing things. This often results in me not finishing things by jumping on to another project, which frustrates me. And so on and so on. We have all been there.
Essentially I was stressing myself out which lead to burn out.
My solution to this is meditation for about half an hour before bed and about half an hour when I wake up. It’s crazy how beneficial this is. When you meditate before bed you relax and sleep like a log. When you meditate when you wake up, you flow through your day. No stress and your organizational skills go up. The best thing though is I finish what I started, so I am seeing real progress in my day to day life.My natural tendency is to push, so I have to fight against that and force myself to relax. I feel that most people are like this these days, because life is so fast paced now.

My mantra when I’m meditating is “I’m super relaxed, healthy and happy is high energy” when your super relaxed, you think better, when your healthy, you think better, when you think better, you are happier, when your happier, you have more energy. Through all that you also become more effective.
So give it a go. It’s easy. Just keep repeating my mantra over and over while relaxing your body. Meditation is a great example of something that is purely practice. If you practice it you will get it is as simple as that.Meditation is really a way of me keeping focused on what I want which is to be happy healthy and effective.  I feel that most people would enjoy a bit more of this also.conscious-mind

The answer to my second question is; how am I going to develop my mind set. Well I’m going to start writing down my goals before I do my meditation, so I can visualise them and bring them into my reality a bit more. Now that I am more relaxed and productive throughout the day, because of my meditation, I can squeeze in some work that is going to get me to where I want to be a bit quicker

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