Planning and prioritising. Day 6

Planning and prioritising. Day 6

First and foremost my main priority right now is due to poor time management. It wasn’t that I didn’t have time, I just prioritised poorly, so then the pressure built up and now I have to catch up.

What is it? well I’m 4 days behind on my 30 day blogging challenge?

Even though I’m behind I did some good work on the missing days. I’m ok with it but I do wish I kept up.

I’m going to apply something I learned from Tony Robbins to this task. Basically ask the question. Why I must complete this goal. What are the pleasurable reasons to finish and what are the painful reasons to finish this.


I must complete the blogging challenge, because I ultimately want to get out of the situation I’m in, which is living in my parents’ house, pretty broke. I want to make a go of this blog as a business. To do that I have to build my will power and discipline, which will build myself belief, which will allow me to achieve even greater goals and ultimately have more fun. Basically I see this blog as a launch pad for the next chapter of my life, so it is quite important for me.

My second goal is to get my car fixed and get onto a product development course called the Founder Institute. That is on the 13th of November. It’s only a couple of grand but it is an important couple of grand. By having my blog finished I will have a product that is quite developed and I’ll have done some good prep work on what it will ultimately become. Through doing the tech development course I will be able to bring, my blog, to a level that I can call a business.

My third goal is to speak to a company called Webelevate; they teach people tech skills like programming, project management and marketing. I’ve completed this course and it has helped me a lot. I want to help them develop the student’s mindset to be more entrepreneurial and as a result get more out of the course. Through doing all my own personal development I have realised some issues between most people, that can be changed, and help them have a better easier and more fulfilling life.

So my deadlines for these are a bit more than 30 days, but that is just the process I’ve to go through.

1. Catch up and finish blogging challenge. Ends Oct 30th

2. Speak to Webelevate about doing a course and lectures. 18th of this month.

3. 13th of November start the course the Founder’s Institute.

4. A sneaky one which isn’t really tangible. Have more fun each day.


The purpose of all this is to have more fun in life and live life to the fullest. So I have an overriding goal of have more fun. This should be everyone’s main priority.

Each night I’ll plan the next day and see how I have improved and pat myself on the back.To apply all this I’m going to read my goals each morn and get pumped for the day. I’m going to do my blogging challenge and kick ass for the rest of the day.

Now that I have written this out I’m getting excited for today.  As I have to catch up on another 3 posts. But I will get them done and I will be building myself belief and setting myself up for success tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

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