Becoming Happy

From Day two What is my purpose we discovered that being happy is your purpose in life.

So the big question is: what is happiness? Happiness is just an emotion. It is a great emotion, but it is just an emotion, it is part of our perception of life. It is dictated by thoughts and our language. If we think about good things and talk about them, we will feel better.

What we choose to pay attention to, dictates how we feel and what we pay attention to, is dictated by our thoughts and our thoughts are dictated to by our awareness. Man with magnifying glass

What is awareness? I remember the first time I got introduced to this concept. We are not our thoughts. This is nuts but its fun.

Say the word cat in your mind, who is listening to the word? Think of a cat, do you see a picture of a cat in your mind, who is looking at it? Think of a cat’s meow, who is listening to that sound. Is that cat a nice cat or a bad cat? Who is deciding whether the cat is good or bad? That is the real you, you are not your thoughts, you are what creates your thoughts.

Think of what is exciting to you. For me it’s Bunji jumping or skydiving. What is exciting to you? think of it right now………. Who chose those thoughts in your mind did I plant them there or did you. When I said sky diving I planted those thoughts there, but when you picked what you wanted you put them there. You chose your thoughts. How cool is that. We do not have to take on board other people’s bull any more we can choose what we think and then how we feel.

Imagine if you’re watching TV and the news comes on. You hear some horrific story that makes you feel terrible and you can’t do anything about it. you feel bad and powerless. that is not a happy situation to be in.

Now imagine you knew that the news was miserable every night and you decided to stop watching it. Would you feel better on average? That is you choosing what you put into your mind.

What if you decided to stop talking about things that upset you and started talking about stuff that made you feel good, would you feel better? I know I do.

What would happen if everyone did this, would the world be a happier place? Would there be war if everyone was happy?

So how do you become happy? It’s simple and it just takes practice; you focus on what you want, the more you focus on what you want the more you get it, the happier you will be and as a result the world becomes a happier place.

How do you feel when you focus on those bills that never go away? Bad I’m guessing?

How to be happy

What would happen if you took charge of your thoughts and decided not to worry about the bills for now? But the thoughts just creep back in. The reason we worry and dwell on bad things is because there is some action to be taken. As soon as you pay the bill the worry goes away.

So how do you stop worrying? You take action! How though? I don’t have the money for the bill. There is always some action that can be taken. Maybe it’s just writing it down in your diary, for the bill to be taken care of, when your pay comes in, or it’s ringing the company and explaining that you won’t have the money until the end of the month. Either way taking action frees up your thoughts to think of better things.

We will always have bills and things to worry about, but what if you acknowledge them take some action to free up your thoughts and keep focusing on the things that make you happy. You will have more energy and the fewer things will bother you. Life actually gets easier. It’s mad but it is true.

So your purpose is to be happy and focusing on what you want makes you happy, so why don’t we do it? Because everyone around us, doesn’t know this! School doesn’t teach us this and TV only tells us what is wrong with us. Life is geared up to distract us from our own happiness. Other people are telling you what makes them happy, not what makes you happy. So stop looking externally and look inwards, to what makes YOU happy and what makes you happy is going for what you want.

But I don’t know what I want? It’s really easy to find out what you want. Spend five minutes writing down, what I want? What I like? What I think I like? On a piece of paper. Write down at least 20 items.

That will get you brain working in the right direction. Then if you like re-organize them, to put them in priority.

The more we do this every day, by taking charge of our thoughts and looking at things we like, want and see, as nice or fun. We start to train our brain to what we really like and after a while it becomes natural, to know what you want, all the time.


Wanting something is like a muscle you have to practice it. Bit by bit, you will learn which things you want more. We spend too much time because of money and society saying we can’t have this or that.  But we all know if the motivating factor is big enough, we can make anything happen. If someone held a gun to your head and said figure out some way of making €50,000, you would. Your brain would go into overdrive and you would quickly come up with a plan.

So to be happy you have to want something. That thing may be a car or it may be to help people. But one way or another, it has to be focused on what makes you happy. To do that, we have to take charge of our thoughts and control our focus.

So, Go forth, be happy.

the next post is on the all important money

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