Skinny vs healthy

strong-vs-skinny-fatThis is something that I have noticed over the past few weeks and it’s very unsettling.

This is more my observations on what I want, but it should ring bells with you and make a lot of sense from a genetic point of view.

I have noticed a lot of advertising on TV and heard a lot of girls saying they want to go on a diet.

What is killing me though is that they want to be skinny.

I have heard so many girls saying they want to be skinny. I feel this is completely missing the real objective.

I’m assuming that girls want to be skinny to be attractive.

So I started thinking to myself what do I find attractive.

So here is my train of thought.

Imagine 100,000 years ago when we were in the jungle what sort of partner did we want. Well we wanted a partner that was fit and healthy so that our kids would be fit and healthy too. Survival of the fittest. (hence the term she’s fit, ha ha)

A healthy partner is less hassle than a un-healthy partner too.

Girls imagine what sort of guy you find most attractive. The fit healthy ones, not the skinny ones.

Guys think the same way.

I feel that girls are looking at the results not the cause. By looking at the results they miss the objective. Guys do not want skinny girls that are unhealthy.

Imagine: not eating for a week or a few days. How would you feel? Your energy would be low you would be lethargic; essentially you would not feel good. After a few days your thoughts become sluggish and life becomes a pain, a chore. (I know because I did a two week fast to see what would happen, I felt terrible) would you like to go out with a person who’s life was a chore.

They would be skinny, but unhappy and nobody likes a moaner.

Now imagine eating doing right stuff, the right food and working out, to feel good. You would be full of energy, life would be easier and you would be full of enthusiasm. your skin clears up your eyes brighten and your muscles tone up, All the good stuff.

Which type of person would you like to spend more time with?

I feel that TV and the fashion industry have a lot to play in this misguided approach. They sell you skinny when they should be selling healthy. Makeup is literally paint to make you look attractive, but attractive is healthy. So the makeup industry is selling you a way of lying about how healthy you are.

Everybody knows the situation after a night out, the guy wakes up beside the girl and all the lies have fallen off. Makeup false hair and boobs, the guy literally wakes up beside a completely different looking girl. No wonder he does not call her back the next day, and as a result the girl’s confidence falls even lower.

This goes for girls too. I’m sure it has guys have not gotten called back too.

What happens when you start aiming for healthy? You start feeling good about yourself, in control of your life and full of energy. Your self esteem starts to grow, Guys and girls.

I know a lot of you who know me will say, that’s easy for you to say, because you are skinny. Yup I am and I will always be because that is my metabolism. A few years back I had a lot of health problems, I was tired all the time and life was really difficult. I was still skinny but my skin was in bits and didn’t have much zest for life. I was skinny but was I attractive? I definitely didn’t feel attractive I was definitely not as attractive as I could have been.

When you don’t feel attractive, you do not want to go out and start meeting people, so either way your chances of meeting the right person goes down, all because your unhealthy, still skinny, but unattractive.

Because attractive is an attitude / energy not a physical feature.

We have all had days or nights out where we felt great and we are still the same person, but we feel attractive and that showed in how we carried ourselves on those nights out.

Essentially all this is just a way to highlight, what we all want as individuals. We want healthy happy partners. Check in with yourself and ask what do I want out of a partner? It will be a healthy happy person and think as well what would they expect of you?

So by knowing what you want, you can then understand what the other person is looking for, and as a result of that, know what you want to be in order to get that person.

also its just fun feeling fucking great every day!

The easiest ways to get healthy and on a perfect diet is this.

  1. Eat as much veg as you can. When you eat a nutrient dense diet (veg salads nuts berries fruit and so on) you automatically start eating less because your body will not have cravings for sugar and rubbish from being low on energy.
  2. Exercise a few times a week. This just makes every aspect of your life better. Imagine going to the gym and lifting loads of weights. When you come home lifting teapots and pots are much easier because you are stronger. Same goes for running and walking. By pushing yourself it literally makes everything easier.
  3. Also you’re cleaning your body out of toxins, which make you tired, so again it makes your whole life easier.
  4.  Do not eat wheat or dairy, this instantly cuts out all the junk food like pizzas and ice-cream. They also suck the energy out of you making you crave sugar and caffeine more
  5. Sugar and caffeine robs you of energy making you more tired in the long run. They are both drugs giving you false highs at the cost of tomorrow’s energy and health.

Aim for healthy and happy you will be more attractive and have an easier life.


Here are some thoughts from a female friend who has had her own battle with skinny.

For years I was one of those girls who valued skinny over healthy. I starved myself, developed a pretty crippling eating disorder and was absolutely enslaved by the numbers on the scales. Bony was a good look as far as I was concerned and I didn’t care how I achieved it.

The thing is I am a naturally curvy girl. I have hips, a butt, and boobs (or at least I did have until I had my baby), so I was never going to have the straight up, straight down boyish figure that I longed for. It’s just not how I’m built. After years of a pretty awful relationship with food, I decided that something had to change. I decided to focus on happy and healthy rather than skinny. I worked out what I wanted to do with my life, who I wanted to be and what my priorities were. I decided to give myself a break and threw away my weighing scales. And most importantly, I ate when I was hungry and stopped when I was full. I never deprived myself of anything, but I didn’t binge either because I allowed myself a treat if I felt like it. As soon as my body realised that I was no longer at war with it, it just naturally settled into the size and shape it has been for the past five years. I started running, not because I wanted to lose weight, but because I wanted a challenge and I wanted to feel good. I discovered that I loved it and kept it up until I was five months pregnant, which meant I was fit and in good shape when my baby was born.

Like most women I still have days when I think my thighs are looking on the chunky side, or my bum isn’t quite as pert as it should be. But instead of getting down about it, I focus on the things that really matter and resolve to cut out the chocolate for a week or two. It’s all about moderation. Be kind to your body, be kind to yourself. Find an exercise that you really enjoy doing – even if it’s just walking the dog for half an hour a day. Let your body find its natural size and shape and don’t try and force it to be anything it’s not. Be fit, be healthy and remember the most attractive thing about you is your energy and your essence. Measurements really don’t matter.

Jude Hodges.

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  1. Skinny is practical it means less skin and so less mess , also it is better not to be heavy to allow for some jumpy sports and activities ( standing positions)

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