Gaining Clarity is the most important step.

clarity The most important thing in life is a direction. When we have a direction, we see the progress we are making, and we feel successful.

The hardest thing you will ever do is define the direction you want to go in.

Most people are reacting to what they do not want. They do not want to be poor, so they work to get away from that pain. Most people do not want to be sick, so they do the bare minimum so that they do not get sick. That again is the pain controlling the direction they are moving in.

I am talking about making a shift from pain to pleasure. What would happen if you decided to start feeling awesome? How would your thinking change what sort of questions would you ask yourself? What sort of conversations would you be having with your friends?

I want the FUCKING best of everything!!!! Why because I’m alive and that is all you need to deserve the best. You exist so there for you can have everything!! I want to leave this earth in a screaming blaze of glory! I do not want to be sitting in a hospital bed shitting my self with regrets.

apologies about the language but this has to be hammered you-deserve-the-best-home. You deserve the best, the best health, the best life, the best business, the best of everything. For no other reason than your alive.

Got it? Good.

But what is the best? The best is different for every one and gaining clarity on what we really want is quite difficult. I was lucky when I was twenty I got to see a superstar dj, and I decided that this was what I wanted to do. But when I hit 30 my values changed, and I did not want to dj any more.

The second time around I did not have any direction, I was lost frustrated, and going around in circles. I got depressed and sick, relay sick. I had to do something different, so I started doing courses in stuff I was vaguely interested in, just to start ticking off boxes. just so i could break the cycle. Gradually bit by bit my interests got defined, but I still had no direction I was still just trying out stuff. I was still lost.

It took me 7 years to finally start honing in on what I wanted to do. But ultimately what it came down to was a few questions I asked myself.

  1. Who do I respect? This could be any one, parent, business people, famous people, it doesn’t matter you respect them for a reason.

Mine are Rob Dyrdek, Richard Branson, and Arnold     Schwarzenegger.

This question gets you thinking about who you want to become. In a general sense.

  1. Why do you like them?Rob Dyrdek Fun and Business

Rob, has fun with everything he does. He is highly creative, a entrepreneur and he is a bit mad.

Richard, has a global Richard Branson Adventurebrand that is based in respect and value. He has great fun trying new things, and goes on adventures.

Arnold, his work Work Ethicethic, focus amazed me, also his fitness levels and body.

This question gets you thinking about what values you have. What you respect, and you will start finding a common thread between them all.  It will get you out of your limitations into a more limitless way of thinking.

  1. How can you add value to these people knowing what you know now?

This gives you ideas on where your path may be. If you write out one idea for each person then you can find the common thread between the three and that is the direction you want to go most.

It may not be the exact thing but it will be really really close.

  1. Finally. What one step can I take now, to move me closer to that goal, or gain me greater clarity?

Once you get clarity you get direction once you get direction you get energy. What a friend of mine says. Where your attention goes, your energy flows, and results show.clarity_display

Let me know how you get on, maybe we can refine it further.

As always best of luck.

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