Vision For Pendulum Summit 2017

The opportunities I see for

First of all Pendulum this year blew me away. amazing day.

In my experience of the Pendulum Summit, I did not see any advertising for the event, and this is not to say that the advertising you did was not effective, as the event was sold out. However, I would be the exact type of person you are looking for. I feel the reason I did not see any advertising, is that it was on TV, and I like so many of my piers do not own or watch TV. I spend a large proportion of my time online, using my phone, and using social media for work and entertainment purposes.

I feel you have a huge opportunity in developing the online aspect of Pendulum. I feel you can add so much value through this medium.

  1. Continued engagement with prospective clients.
  • Daily posts with personal development content that is in line with Pendulum’s vision, On FaceBook and Twitter.
  • Emailed articles through a Blogging platform on the pendulum site. With updates of what is going on, testimonials and success stories.
  • A YouTube channel with testimonials and Pendulum success stories.
  1. Continued value enhancement with customers that have bought tickets.
  • When clients buy the ticket they get a personal development pack. That is in line with the upcoming speakers. Eg. Anthony Robbins top ten questions for a fulfilled life. This will get people engaging with the event before it happens. It will keep it to the forefront of their minds, and be developing value in the customer’s mind even before the event.

My vision is to basically see the lead up to the event in two ways.

  1. Before they buy. To constantly engage with prospective clients to aid them in their decision making process. By adding value to them now, and keeping Pendulum’s brand to the forefront of their mind.
  2. After they buy. A personal development pack that will build them up to get the maximum out of the event. To give them massive breakthroughs over the coming year, or 6 months. A launch pad for the event.

Either way the pendulum site and social media platforms will be engaged with on a consistent basis. Which means they will be talking about the event, either on social media or through word of mouth. Building the brand and ultimately the event.

I can see the Pendulum event like a yearlong personal development course, culminating in a break through day. A complete life changer!

This has the potential to turn the Pendulum brand into the premier go to site, for all personal development needs. If it is managed right. Which in and of itself could be a lucrative business.

I believe that college is obsolete, and personal development / entrepreneurship is the future. In the future entrepreneurs / people will not go to college for three years. They will do small courses that facilitate what they need now! No unnecessary subjects. So I see business incubator’s as the future, and we can see this happening all around us these days.

I believe that pendulum has the potential to be the number one personal development environment, for Ireland. Building Ireland again as the land of saints and scholars, and becoming a global attraction.

With your contacts in the Marker hotel, TICN and all your other sponsors, you are already putting together an Expert, experience driven educational system that I believe is vastly more effective than any college in Ireland.

I see a huge future for Pendulum, and I would like to be a part of it.

If you would like to speak about this further, I would really enjoy it.

Please get in contact.



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