Part 1. What is reality and who are you.

Ultimately personal development boils down to three things.

Part 1. Understanding the world around us. The Illusion

Part 2. Understanding ourselves in that. Our story

Part 3. Then navigating our way through it. Language

Part 1. Understanding the world around us, because that leads us to all the other conclusions.what_is_reality

The world around us is made up of 3 elements.

  1. Imagination,
  2. Words,
  3. And energy.

If we look at a chair and ask the question what is it really? We automatically drop the story that it is a chair and say its wood, material or metal whatever it is made out of. We can ask the question again and we go a bit deeper, to molecules, atoms ultimately vibration and energy.

So, what is that chair really. Well someone imagined it and put effort (energy) into sculpting it to what ever shape they want and finally called it a “chair”.


That chair is the end result of someone’s imagination, in real life. But why is it not a stool or a table. Stools and tables have four legs and flat surfaces. Well the word chair or table creates the way we use it. That story creates the reality. A chair is something to sit on but what is that chair to a baby who has not learned to speak. Once we drop the word the story it becomes a thing that we can use in an infinite way. We could use our imagination to carve that chair into an infinite amount of things.

If you look at anything in our reality, it is completely imagined, and has a story attached to it, that story dictates how we use it, and its ultimately made out of energy.


It’s amazing to me that we can explain all of reality in such a simple way but this makes us immensely powerful once we do.

If you think about it, if you call a chair a stool it is no one can argue with that because its completely made up word.

What does that really mean though? It means we can rewrite everything in reality. We can manipulate it to our will and make it more effective for ourselves.

In a simple way, how do you feel when you change the word problem to challenge. What happens.

It goes from being painful to an opportunity to grow. Yet the scenario is still the same. What if you could do that with everything? Well you can!

The world around us is completely made up of our own words, stories, and experiences.


If you never heard the word “pen” would you know what a pen was? Would it even exist? actually it doesn’t. What is a pen to a baby? It is nothing to a baby it has no context. The baby has not built up any story as to what it is. The baby has no experience of it so it simply does not exist.

The world out side of us is completely made up of the words and experiences that are in our heads. If you never heard the word racism would it exist?


The world around us is made up of words, and stories. They are neither good or bad, because good and bad are just more made up words. In reality what is out there is just what is, and we make up the rest. Completely made up, we use words and stories, like spells and magic, to create Heaven or Hell for ourselves.

What ever story you put energy into, becomes your reality.

What would happen if you started rewriting the world around you?

Best regards,


Part 2




3 Replies to “Part 1. What is reality and who are you.”

  1. Awesome. What I would like to see is direct examples of re-framing an re-structuring. Actual sentences that will shape the new or shift the direction in which we speak an use language now. These sentences will be suggestions. Similarly to L Hay an her pioneer work with affirmations. If I didn’t read her affirmations an suggestions I would have never stopped smoking tobacco. Some people’s imagination is not out there. So we need to penetrate it with concrete examples just for the sake of it.

    Yes. This now sounds like a teaching. Examples are needed so we can assimilate the teaching.

    Thank you.

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