Defining what you want! Part 1

The hardest thing to do Is get a picture of what you want together. Because we don’t know what it is, yet. All we know is that we don’t like our current situation, and we want something different. This is just part of the pleasure / pain mechanism. We start to feel mild pain and this grows until we decide what to do next. So we start to try lots of different things to build up a picture of what we want.

Lost vision


When I was about 19 I was lucky to see Fatboy slim the Dj, and he blew the roof off the club. I instantly knew I was going to be a dj and within 3 months I had my first residency, with the best equipment in the world. How did that happen so quickly? The whole picture and feeling was there, I knew what was to be done, I just did it.


Now I’m 38 and need to piece together a new picture, bit by bit. I’ve done an immense amount of courses and retreats, from living with gurus in India to learning from gurus in the stock market.


I’m becoming a global speaker and investor, but the picture and feeling isn’t there, to give me that laser focus that allows my energy to flow, fully. In other words, enthusiasm.

However, there is a bigger energetic world out there, that holds people back, and limits us.

Our main challenge is aligning our energies, with what we want. Both forward and back. But only by identifying what you want, can you identify what is holding you back.

A bit like having an energetic cord tied between you and your chair. As long as you’re sitting in your chair you will never notice it and as soon as you move, you notice it straight away.


These energetic cords can be from friends, family, businesses, your property and your neighborhood. Bit by bit as we grow up and move forward we cut most of these, but some are stronger than others. We very often feel very frustrated with life, because we want to do something, but we feel that something is holding us back and we don’t know what. More than likely it is one of these cords and we can cut them.

I want to have the most fun ever, every day. That is my highest goal and I want to help others do the same. Bit by bit by going through all the things that have limited me, I’m allowing my energy to flow more and as a result have more fun.


By ending things (cutting cords) you allow other things in, to empower you. You allow your energy to flow. But you only know these things by moving forward and trying things.

So if you are feeling tired, frustrated, try doing something new. Work on defining what you want to do next and see if there is anything holding you back, mentally, physically, spiritually or energetically?

the best.jpg

You always want the best, so go for it! What ever that is for you. Go extreme and see what happens?

Who knows you may surprise yourself.

Part 2

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